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6 Juices a Day for 1 Day

Let’s make this quick. Our One Day Rejuvenation package offers an intense dose of leafy green goodness to knock out the blah’s and bring back your badassery. 6 Juices. 1 Day. Boom.



The Quick Fix




    JUICE 1 - Green Machine

    Packed with 150% of your daily dose of Vitamin K, this powerful blend combines the benefits of parsley, the beta carotene content of carrots and the mineral-rich properties of pineapples for a solid foundation of freshness you can feel. 


    JUICE 2 - Mango Cilantro

    The combination of mango and cilantro in this bold blend work together to target the liver, reduce inflammation, carry out toxins, and alkalize the body .. all while unclogging dull, lifeless skin. Looking for a glow that comes only from the goodness of greens? This humble heroine’s got it all. 


    JUICE 3 - Cucumber Lime

    By pairing fresh cucumbers, loads of mint and a hint of lime with the electrifying electrolytes from Nuun, this light and lovely blend throws some serious hydration towards your heart happy hustle.  


    JUICE 4 - Beets + Berries

    The most underrated agent to good health + athletic longevity, beets promote, repair and regenerate cell structure (especially in the liver, the body’s primary facility for detoxification). Paired with a nutrient dense dose of delicious berries, this beneficial blend helps athletes to not only feel, but perform, their best. 


    JUICE 5- Turmeric Ginger

    Like a perfectly portable pot of gold, our Turmeric Ginger is packed with vitamins, minerals, and the medicinal magic of turmeric. Known for it’s anti inflammatory properties, our Turmeric Ginger fights those seasonal woes with the benefits of carrots to hydrate skin and repair cell damage and ginger, to purify the blood and boost immunity. 


    JUICE 6 - Mint Cacao

    Packed with the leafy green goodness of spinach and layered with fresh pressed almond milk, antioxidant rich cacao, free radical fighting mint, mood boosting bananas, and plenty of plant based protein from our friends at Vega, it’s easy to see why we’re so in love with this perfectly paired powerhouse. 




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