Delivery or Pick-Up Only! 
We want to keep our juices fresh! (aka we don't ship)   

Because the weekends are too short to feel anything less than a hundo p, we have a six pack combo for your Detox/ Retox/ Repeat.





The Detox Retox Repeat


    Full of electrolytes, detoxifying agents + natural anti inflammatory ingredients, we’ll include two blends to clean the slate and hydrate your pre Happy Hour Hustle, like our Green Machine and Mango Cilantro



    No need to blame it on the Henney TM; with two spike-able options of fresh pressed Juice (like our Cucumber Lime and Strawberry Lemon), you’ll be able to infuse your cocktails with a hint of happy hydration for a good night and an even better morning.



    Coffee. Kale. Killin’ it. Win the weekend with 2 powerhouse pick me up’s, like our Coffee + Kale and Pineapple Mint and you'll be back on those fancy feet in no time.