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20mg Bouquet CBD/ Lavender Oil / Activated Coconut Charcoal / Lemon / Maple Water / MCT


Drum roll please! Introducing our first ever CBD Juice: a healing concoction designed to gently revive the adrenals, excavate toxins, eliminate bloat, balance mood, and boost your metabolism by improving insulin function and curbing appetite. 


Incorporating the healing powers of CBD with the soothing effects of lavender, Chill Pill helps to boost immunity, shorten the recovery time from strenuous workouts, reduce joint pain, eliminate inflammation, and minimize acute muscle stress. 


In addition to the physical benefits, CBD is also a natural anti-depressant and is being widely adopted for its ability to relieve stress, combat anxiety, and improve sleep quality.  


8oz of pure magic .. we'll drink to that!  

Chill Pill (8oz)